The Future of Cycling is Here!

The first Bionic bike


Real-Time Brainwave FeedBack


Xmera’s Workout mode can be used by either using the XMERA BPM Bracelet (comes with the ebike) or by using any Smartwatch with BPM reading function.

A bicycle, motorcycle, and workout machine

Bike Features

Cardio e-Bike BPM

XMERA allows you to set your desired BPM (heart beats per minute) rate and maintains it according to your exercise needs: HIIT (high - intensity interval training), Cardio, Weight loss, Intervals etc.

No License Required

Under most laws (in US and worldwide) the XMERA e-Bike is treated as a bicycle and requires no permit to operate.

IOT Tracking Technology

XMERA is equipped with a GPS tracker so you will always know where your bike is. Receive real time notifications if the bike is misused or stolen.

Track your workout

Check your activity progress, calories burned, mileage, routes, and achieved goals anytime, anywhere.

The First Bionic Bike

XMERA comes with EEG technology which allows the bike’s controller to analyze the rider’s body condition and instruct the electric motor to assist the pedals according to desired conditioning targets.

Emergency SMS/Call

XMERA sends a text or calls an emergency contact in case of accidents.



XMERA’s multi-channel EEG helmet sensors, combined with cutting-edge deep learning techniques, enable us to process highly accurate brain signals which give users intuitive control over commonly used gestures and actions. Innovative control over common tasks like signaling, activating headlights or assisted pedaling makes XMERA the first real bionic bike on the market


A bicycle, motorcycle, and workout machine

Auto Mode

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In the Auto Mode, the helmet will read your body fatigue and continuously transmit info to the bike controller, signaling the bike motor to calibrate and assist the pedals based on results.

Dynamic Mode

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This mode aims to assist the biker in reaching a higher speed faster.The helmet reads your brain focus and transmits to the bike controller, and the motor will assist the pedals for high speed.

Workout Mode

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BPM (heart beats per minute) + brain waves assist the biker in exercise and conditioning programs such as weight loss (keeping the BPM rate constant) or HIIT (intervals with BPM rate high then low).





How heavy is the bike?

75 lbs. / 34 kg

How many Watts of power?

US Versions: 750W or 2 motors of 500W each
EU Versions: 250W or 2 motors of 250W each

How much weight can it carry?

330 lbs. / 150 kg

What material the frame is made from?

High quality 6061 aluminum alloy

Battery life? How long the battery lasts?

Xmera’s battery holds up to 1,000 charges cycles

Range? How many miles can I ride on a single charge?

US Versions: 55 miles or 100 miles (2 batteries version)
EU Versions: 60 km (36v battery), 110 km (48v battery), or 200 km (2 batteries version)

Does it come with safety equipment?

Xmera comes with lights switcher and horn.